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I have been bringing beings closer to their Book of Life for years. Witnessing magical changes and having a very large inner growth after each session. I feel blessed for having chosen this path and from here I THANK everyone who ever gave me their trust for something so SACRED.


The Akashic Records sessions are either face-to-face or remote (by phone or Skype) and last a maximum of 1 hour and 30 minutes.

We announce the Reiki Cristal Arco Iris (Rainbow Crystal Reiki) Courses here

To book an appointment, please, send me an email to RegistrosAkashicosEs@gmail.com saying what session you need, the city where you live, and the availability you have.

You could also reach me out via WhatsApp or Telegram at +1 602-419-0821


Many people ask me what tools I have used in my awakening. Here I list the 3 most important ones so far: Akashic Records, Rainbow Crystal Reiki and Tameana.

  • Accessing the Akashic Records from the heart was a great discovery. They help me understand and heal why certain things happen to me in life, they guide me and give me the peace I need in many moments.
  • The Pleiadian Tameana healing opened me to Unconditional Love. It made me capable of giving and receiving, it helps me connect with who I really am, while I feel accompanied by the wonderful Beings of Light that provide us with this wonderful wisdom.
  • The Lemurian Crystal Rainbow Reiki healing is a revolution in my life, it opens paths that I never imagined were for me, it heals me deeply in my day to day life and helps me to follow the path that my Soul chose for me in this incarnation. At the same time it helps me remember my inner wisdom, my gifts and virtues… In short, it helps me remember and vibrate who I really am.

Akashic Records

They helped me to understand why I was living certain situations and helped me to connect directly with my Essence.


Pleiadians helped me to open my heart so that I could receive UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and blessings in life.

Reiki Cristal Arco Iris®

The Lemurians helped me to understand my mission in life, reviving my gifts and my virtues.


I am very grateful to all the people who recommend their loved ones to have an Akashic Records session with Miryam Ferris. Thanks to them, I can help more and more people every day. And not only with the Akashic Records, but also with the teaching of such wonderful techniques as Lemurian Reiki Crystal Rainbow healing and Pleiadian Tameana healing. From here I want to thank all of them for their trust. THANK YOU!

Here are videos of recommendations from our students.

In this section I have only taken a small sample of what people often tell me, both privately and publicly.

"Miryam is a close and very professional person, she enjoys helping people with the Records and it shows."

"Miryam is a being with a special energy and vibration. I connected very quickly with her and in only 1 session of akashic records she helped me to make that quantum jump that I needed so much. She is also very professional, I recommend her very much!"

Recomendacion de Hernan Prado
Hernan prado

"Miryam is a formidable guide, she was the start of the change and I still count on her support, she accompanies me in my spiritual growth all the way, but without generating any kind of dependency".

Recomendacion de Lorena Requena
Lorena Requena