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Learn energetic techniques to help you and others, at the same time that you progress in your spiritual life

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Reiki Cristal Arco Iris® Online Courses | Rainbow Crystal Reiki Online Courses

Reiki Cristal Arco Iris® Courses

Lemurian Technique, in which you are constantly bathed in Unconditional Love. Helping you to remember your inner wisdom, gifts, and virtues. 

Aligning you with your mission of life as Mother’s Earth crystal receptor. Feeling as ONE with the rest of beings.

Tameana Course

This powerful Pleiadian technique helps us to open our hearts to Universal Unconditional Love. Thereby, it also aligns us with the Universal Abundance.

Besides helping us to connect with our inner Being and removing what we are not, showing the real us


Learn to read your Akashic Records with Miryam Ferris

Akashic Records Courses

These courses are focused on the student empowerment and on feeling security when read the Akashic Records. Having handy resources to reconnect in case of disconnection.

We also prepare the people who desire to be a professional of this amazing tool of Light, Peace, and Love.