Terapias Holísticas


Have you ever known someone that was familiar to you?  As you have met them before…

Every time we are born on the Earth, our memory is cleared, but never our Soul’s. There we can find all the experienced sensation in any of our lives. 

The AKASHIC RECORDS are known as the BOOK OF LIFE. They ARE IN OUR SOUL and there is where all our memories live.

Why do we access FROM THE HEART?

Through the heart we can:

  • ASK FOR INFORMATION to understand why we had certain situations in our lives.
  • ASK FOR HEALING to convert into love everything that I live with pain.
  • FEEL THE LOVE EXPANSION in our chest due to the performed healing.

Who can acces the Akashic Records?


The information receive is SACRED

  • NEVER GOSSIP in other's life
  • DO NOT use the information received to HURT ANYONE

What do the Akashic Records help you with?

Reiki Cristal Arco Iris Courses (Rainbow Crystal Reiki Courses)


They help you understand the questions you could never answer in your life: what was the purpose of passing a concrete situation

Records help you expand the love within


They give you a new perspective of life, much more loving and compassion so that you can integrate the forgiveness in your heart and EXPAND THE LOVE within you.

The Akashic Records help you heal and integrate your darkness in love


They help you transform into love what before was lived with pain and suffer. Healing from the problem root, always according to your Divine Plan.

Why do we ask the Akashic Records?

To understand and solve situations that we are living at the present moment 

Many of the issues we have in this life happen because we did not live them with love in our past lives and, thus, they remain pending. That is why they come again to our lives until we can accept, forgive, free, and integrate with love.

The Akashic Records go the root problem, to convert our blockages in love, therefore they disappear.

In case you need to know about the future, it is recommended to consult a tarotist, instead of the Akashic Records.

Learn to read you Akashic Records for FREE !!

There you can find my most interesting videos about the learning to access the AKASHIC RECORDS FROM THE HEART

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