Animal Communication


The Animal Communication is done to achieve agreements, to know your’s pet opinion about anything you need to ask, to reinforce the bounde between the pet and humans or other animals, etc.


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Animal Communication

An animal communication session can change not only the animal’s life but also their owner’s life.

We communicate with animals to:

  • know their opinion
  • learn what is going on with them
  • understand how can we help them
  • know why they react in a certain way
  • the understanding between the animal and their owner
  • reach agreements with them
  • improve coexistence
  • heal animal energy blockages
  • help an animal with a trauma
  • inform them about important changes in their life: a moving in, a change in the family members,…
  • understand the emotions beyond an illness
  • improve their health regarding an illness
  • enhance the relationship between the animal and a person
  • improve the relationship between the animal and another animal
  • accompany in the death process

How do we communicate?

Animals communicate using telepathy. The human being, as an animal, also has that ability (even though we do not remember it).

Taking a look into a deeper level, all the Beings are connected and are capable of feeling the other’s energy. In animal communication, we can feel how the animal is feeling and we can help them to feel better. Besides, we also can explain to them why they had changes in their lives, this way the animal is not confusing.

comunicacion animal
animal communication

How do we heal the animal?

We use different techniques already proved in humans and that suit greatly in animals. Each animal has its healing preferences, so we will adjust the healing to them. Among the healing techniques used are:

  • Reiki Cristal Arco Iris®
  • Akashic Records (we need the owner’s permission to access the animal’s Akashic Records)
  • Language of Light
  • Reconnection through emotions

What do we need to communicate?

We need from you:

  • The animal’s photo (looking at the camera)
  • Animal’s name
  • Owner’s name
  • People and animals that coexist at home
  • Relevant facts (if any) For instance, any trauma the animal has, if the owner and the animal live in the same house, etc.
  • The owner can send: a maximum of 5 questions and 5 things to let the animal know

How is the session performed?

  1. You send us an email with the data listed above and the purchase invoice attached.
  2. We record the animal communication and we send it to you.
  3. You listen to it and let us know if you are happy with the agreements and information provided.
  4. In case there is any agreement missing, we will record another animal communication to close all pending topics.
  5. We will send you the new audio to confirm that now the communication is completed.

Questions samples

  • Do you like your food?
  • Did you want to come with us when we adopted you in the first place?
  • Do we need to change anything to make you comfortable?
  • Do you like your bed?
  • Why are you afraid of (something, a person, or another animal)?
  • Why don’t you get along with (a person or another animal)?
  • Why do you scratch or bark at (name of person or animal)?
  • Why do you pee outside your box?
  • In case the vet recommends euthanasia, we should let the animal take the decision.
  • Are you in pain?
  • Why do you do (something)?
  • Would you like us to adopt another animal?
  • If the animal has a trauma, we will heal it to improve his life quality
  • … and all you need to ask …

Samples of things to let the animal know

At this point, you need to put on your animal’s shoes, to inform him about any changes in your lives. For example, if you are moving out, if any family member is leaving or joining, etc. I guess it could be frustrating if someone takes you into a new place and you never come back to the old one (you loved). It is best to warn about these situations, to avoid the animal reacts in a way you do not like 🙂

Examples of things to say:

  • I love you very much.
  • You can explain why you reacted in a certain way in a concrete moment.
  • You can clarify why someone is not living with you anymore.
  • You could tell about the important upcoming events in your lives.
  • You can explain if you are moving in.
  • You can say about the family members changes

What do NOT we do in a session?

  • We do not seach lost pets.
  • This is a communication, so both the owner and the pet needs to understand each other and reach agreements. For that, a communication is not for imposing the owner’s desires.

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