Essential Reconnection


Essential Reconnection is a restorer and profound session. We activate our stellar and intraterrestrial wisdom. We are updating our stellar and intraterrestrial ADN, aligning with our best future, healing the old patterns, and activating and improving our channeling abilities, having a fantastic wisdom expansion.

– New human configuration update. –


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Essential Reconnection

The Earth is traveling to the upper dimensions. We, humans, are riding her on her journey, so we need to update our inner configuration to tonne with the new energy that is arriving.
So, this is our journey as well. It is time to reconnect with our stellar and intraterrestrial wisdom and restore our consciousness.

It is a GROUP SESSION that will occur every time we feel there is new information to update.


Welcome to the remembering path.

  • Solar human update
  • connect our intraterrestrial wisdom
  • connect our stellar wisdom
  • let go of old patterns
  • activate stellar ADN
  • activate intraterrestrial ADN
  • cleanse our channel
  • activate our channel
  • trigger stellar memories
  • trigger intraterrestrial memories
  • trigger other life’s memories
  • consciousness expansion
  • wisdom reconnection
  • Essential being reconnection

Essential Reconnection Requirements

None. Everyone can have this session.

How to do the session?

First, buy the session. Then we will send you the next Essential Reconnection session (if scheduled). If not, we will agree on the following date with you.

What should I do after the session?

Do whatever your body requires. You can drink water, breathe deeply, give yourself some love, have some rest, etc. Respect your body’s needs.
It will help you to integrate all the information and reconnect better and sooner.

Share this session with others!

If you feel this session is for someone else, please share it with them. You also can share it on your social media.


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