HAMA ENVIRONMENTS Session (Pleiadian Healing)


The Hama Environments session is a Pleiadian healing technique that raises the vibration of the environment to restore inner peace and harmony to the place. Becoming a more comfortable place to live. It also opens possibilities for sale or rent if the owner wishes to do so.

It is healing by vibration, using crystals, water, fire to expand love within a place.



Juan Manuel Giordano channeled Pleiadian technology such as Tameana, MA’AT, Human Vortex, PÜJÄ and H’ama. All of them are forms of vibrational healing, that is, we raise our vibration to eradicate everything that, in us, currently vibrated lower.

In our daily lives, our emotional states and our discordant energies directly affect the place where we live and the other places where we move. In this case, the HAMA ENVIRONMENTS session is designed to raise the vibration of a place: a property, our house, etc. This causes a change for the better in that place:

  • roads are opened for sale or rent, if that is what the owner wants
  • the peace and harmony of the stay is restored
  • inharmonic energies are released that could be affecting its inhabitants

Moreover, at the same time that we heal the place, it positively affects the people who occupy that space, who live there, work there or simply pass through there for a while.


  1. eliminates stagnant inharmonic energies
  2. opens the way for the place (if the owner wishes)
  3. help to the people who live there
  4. generates harmony in space
  5. brings love into space and to the people who dwell in it
  6. purify the place
  7. awakens the innate love in its inhabitants
Hama environments (Pleiadian Healing)
Hama environments (Pleiadian Healing)


These are the most common doubts before a session.

Do I need to bring anything to the HAMA ENVIRONMENTS session?


Do I have to prepare the session in any way?

No, just tell us the address of the place to be healed

How many sessions should I do?

The HAMA ENVIRONMENTS session is done in a single session, which can be repeated when needed.


These are the most common doubts about the session.

How is the HAMA AMBIENTES session?

The session is done online. You choose a day and a time when the space to be healed is unoccupied, that is, when there is no one inside.

There is no need to connect by skype or anything else. Just let us know when it’s time and there’s no one in there. Then remote healing will take place using quartz crystals, water and fire.

Steps that are done in the HAMA ENVIRONMENTS session

1- At the time of the session we contact you to give us the address of the place to be healed (if you had not already given it to us)
2- We confirm with you that the space to be healed does not have people inside.
3- We cut the communication, to proceed with the healing
4- The healer prepares the crystals for healing
5- The space is left to heal for as long as necessary (usually 1 or 2 hours)
6- At the end, you are informed that the healing is over so that you can take your place again.

Duration of the session HAMA ENVIRONMENTS?

2 hours approximately


These are the most common doubts that you have once the session is over.

How often can I have this type of session?

This session can be done daily.

What things can I feel after the session?

This type of session goes so deep that its beneficial effects can be felt both in the environment and in the lives of its inhabitants. There will be times when you will feel happy, others when you will feel an amazing peace. They are like rays of light that come out from within you and awaken your heart to the love that really dwells in you.

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