PUJA Session (Pleiadian Healing)


The PUJA session serves us to unblock something specific and open paths in our lives, while helping to awaken our consciousness.

We raise our vibration with sounds to heal.


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Juan Manuel Giordano channeled the Pleiadian technology: Tameana, MA’AT, Human Vortex, PÜJÄ and H’ama. All of them are forms of vibrational healing, that is to say, we manage to raise our vibration to eradicate everything that, in us, was currently vibrating lower.

In this case, the PUJA Session is designed to unlock something in our lives, so it is important that you know what it is you want to unlock in your life, to put the intention into it when performing the session.

This healing, at the same time that we heal what we want, also transforms our consciousness by uniting it with the supreme consciousness. That is to say, it helps us to awaken and to connect with the love that we are.


  1. eliminates blockages and can deepen our spiritual experience
  2. attracts more favorable things to our life
  3. brings order and balance to our existence.
  4. awakens the innate love within us.
  5. helps to solve a concrete issue
  6. purifies the place where it is performed


These are the most common questions before a session.

Do I need to bring anything to the PUJA session?

Yes, you need to have a quartz crystal, at least 4 cm high.

Lemurian Crystal Quartz
Lemurian Crystal Quartz

How to prepare the session?

– You must carry your quartz crystal with you for at least 2 days.

– As long as you carry quartz with you, think about what issues you need to solve or heal. You must come to the session knowing what it is that you want to unlock in your life.

– For the session, choose a place where you can lie down for the duration of the session. Preferably it should be comfortable and where nobody bothers you.

How many sessions should I do?

PÜJÄ is a single session, which can be repeated as needed.


These are the most common questions about the session.

What is the session like?

The session is carried out on-line like all the sessions that we carry out in www.elcieloenlatierra.es. We will choose the way we like to communicate: via skype, whatsapp, phone, ….

In this type of session the practitioner will be at home. They will be given some instructions to follow and an audio will be played which, at times, they will understand and at other times they will not. This audio generates the necessary vibration to perform the necessary healing today. The part of the audio that is not understood is made on purpose, for our mind to disconnect and give way to the heart, which is who understands the language of Light. Therefore, relax and enjoy the moment.

Steps that are done in the session

1- We will connect and review that you have everything ready to perform the session
– your quartz crystal
– what you want to unblock in your life
2- The healer prepares the healing ritual based on the elements: earth, water, air and fire.
3- The practitioner will intentionally do what he wants to unblock in his quartz
4- You will lie down to listen to the audio that will induce healing
5- He will leave your quartz crystal near you
6- Once the audio is finished, you can remain lying down until you feel it

Duration of the session?

Approximately 45 minutes


These are the most common doubts after the session.

How often can I have this type of session?

This session can be done every 15 days.

What can I feel after the session?

The session is usually so deep that there are times that it seems that everything around us jumped through the air to gradually return to a better place. Don’t be afraid, everything will pass. There are times when in order to heal deeply we have to move from our comfort zone, and then be much better than we ever were.

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