Tameana Healing (3 sessions pack)


3 Tameana healing sessions are performed for one person, in 3 consecutive weeks.

The healing is done by raising your vibration, passing chakra by chakra, for this we use quartz crystals and Pleiadian codes. We will subject each one of your cells to a deep transformation. This helps us in our inner journey of discovery of the loving being that we are. Every vibration that resides in your body and has a lower vibration will be released.


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TAMEANA HEALING (3 sessions pack)

Juan Manuel Giordano channeled Pleiadian technologies such as Tameana, MA’AT, Human Vortex, PÜJÄ and H’ama. All of them heal by exposing our body to a high vibration in order to release everything that, in us, actually vibrated lower.

In this case, the TAMEANA healing (also called Salush Nahí) is a deep and mobilizing work in all aspects of the Being, opening our interior and cleaning everything that prevented us from deepening it. In this session we will use quartz crystals to raise our vibration in each chakra and will be arranged in a triangular shape, to raise the vibration of the space that contains this geometric shape.

A TAMEANA healing consists of 3 healing sessions, in which all the blockages that prevented us from accessing our inner light are released. That is why this product consists of the complete package of sessions that make a complete TAMEANA healing.


  1. chakra balance
  2. healing that affects all levels of the Self
  3. inner opening to the spiritual plane
  4. unique healing experience in each
  5. healing affects all planes of existence
  6. modification of limiting thoughts and beliefs
  7. our outer reality improves by freeing our inner
Tameana Healing (3 sessions pack)
Tameana Healing (3 sessions pack)


These are the most common doubts before a session.

Do I need to bring anything with me to the session?

Yes, bring a glass of water (which you will place near you) and a sheet or blanket to cover yourself during the session (so that you do not get cold during the session)

How to prepare the session?

Choose a place for the session where you can lie down for the duration of the session. Preferably, it should be comfortable and where nobody bothers you.

How many sessions should I do?

A complete TAMEANA healing consists of THREE SESSIONS. This product already contains the right to perform the 3 sessions. We will stay in 3 different days, leaving a week between them. So, we will do the first session one day of the week, the second session will be done the same day in the following week, and the last session will be done the same day a week later.

Tameana Healing Example Calendar (3 session pack)
Tameana Healing Example Calendar (3 session pack)


These are the most common doubts about the session.

How is the session?

The session is done online. We will choose the form of video conference that we like most to communicate (zoom, skype, whatsapp, …)

While the healing is taking place you will be relaxed and lying down in a quiet room where no one will disturb you. So relax and enjoy the moment.

Steps that are performed in the session

1- We will connect and review what you have the water and the sheet with you.
2- You will lie down to receive the session
3- The healer conducts the session
4- When the session is over, the healer will let you know to check if you are ok.

How long does the TAMEANA healing session last?

60 minutes approximately


These are the most common doubts that you have once the session is over.

How often can I have this type of session?

A complete TAMEANA healing can be done every 15 days.

What things can I feel after the session?

The session is usually mobilizing inside us. It is recommended not to make big decisions while you are receiving the healing, better, if possible, to make decisions once we finish the TAMEANA healing.

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