Akashic Records with our team


When we do an Akashic Records with our team of professionals we have, double healing occurs: on one hand, we open our consciousness to the understanding of events that we never saw before in the way we are explained and finally, healing and unblocking of energies is done so that the person can continue flowing in his life and on his way to discover that everything is Love.

Remember that in each session only the Records of a single person will be opened.
See instructions below


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Akashic Records with our team

Each and every person in our team has been selected to offer you the best Akashic Records experience we can provide. They are great professionals with great hearts, great wisdom, and more experience every day. They are able to heal and channel from your Akashic Records for you to heal and release everything that your Soul no longer needs to retain. You will feel the benefits of the session from the first moment. Remember that a session will only open the Akashic Records of one person.

How to book a session?

The following steps must be followed:

1. You make the purchase of the session

2. Send to RegistrosAkashicosES@gmail.com the following information:

    • Proof of purchase for the session
    •  If you have a preference to be attended by a specific member of the team, please indicate this as well.
    •  In which country of residence (to take into account the time difference).
    •  If you have any questions, please attach them as well.
    •  Please indicate what kind of session you need:
      •  Sending the session in mp3: You do not need to come to the session. We make the session, record it in an mp3 file and send it to you as soon as we have it. We usually take a maximum of one week to send the session. If any unforeseen circumstances arise (illness, etc) we usually let you know, so that you can take it into account.
      •  Videoconference: Let us know your country of residence and availability during the week so we can book an appointment for you. On the agreed day and time you will be connected to have the session.

In case you use Zoom, you record the session yourself: It is recommended that you perform the session from your computer. We will connect via Zoom and you will be able to record the session yourself. At the end of the session, the downloading of the recording will start, be patient, this usually takes a few minutes. When you have them, go to the «Documents» section in Windows, there you will see a folder called «Zoom» and inside you will see that 3 files have been downloaded, the important ones are these:

          • audio_only.m4a – is the audio of the session only
          • zoom_0.mp4 – is the video of the session (with image and sound)
          • playback.m3u – this file can be discarded as it is not relevant.

Otherwise, the person from the team will send you the link where you should connect to do the session. You can record the session yourself in voice from your cell phone, otherwise, we will record it and send it to you later.

If you have any questions, please contact us at RegistrosAkashicosES@gmail.com IMPORTANT: If you are under 18 years old, we need you to provide the signed consent of your parent/guardian.

How do I know if I am healthy with Akashic Records?

Sample Akashic Records questions and topics to ask about

The following is a list of topics that people often ask about, in case they help you decide on your Akashic Records questions, as well as a list of possible questions that people often ask about.


Healing that serves us over time

How often should I have an Akashic Records session?

Let yourself be guided by your inner self, when it is time to have another session, you will feel it and you will know it.

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