Rainbow Crystal Reiki

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Reiki Cristal Arco Iris®

Rainbow Crystal Reiki is known worldwise by Reiki Cristal Arco Iris®

This quantum healing system is very quick, simple, and deep. You can use it anywhere and anytime.But this system helps others as well, you will learn how to help others with their consent or not. This healing will never harm anyone as it is unconditional love, so it will respect everyone’s will and their divine path.

While you use this system you will feel the Lemurian beings with you. They assist you and you feel you are not alone in your awakeness process anymore.

lemurian healing system

What is Reiki Cristal Arco Iris®?

Reiki Cristal Arco Iris (Rainbow Crystal Reiki) Courses Info
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be among the first to teach the REIKI CRISTAL ARCO IRIS® IN ENGLISH


  • Be initiated into Reiki Cristal Arco Iris®
  • Learn how to cleanse spaces with this system
  • Learn how to perform a session to yourself
  • Learn how to cleanse others
  • Learn how to use etheric crystals to extend the healing over time

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When and Where is the course taking place?

This Reiki Cristal Arco Iris® (Rainbow Crystal Reiki) course is online.

We will meet via Zoom (a link will be sent to your email) on Friday,  6th of November 2020 at:

  • Honolulu (UTC-10) HAWAII at 16h
  • Anchorage (UTC-9) ALASKA at 15h
  • Los Angeles (UTC-8) PACIFIC TIME at 14h
  • Phoenix (UTC-7) MOUNTAIN TIME at 13h
  • Dallas (UTC-6) CENTRAL TIME at 12h
  • New York (UTC-5) EASTERN TIME at 11h
  • London (UTC) UK at 10h

IMPORTANT: If you want to take this course but this date does not suit you, do not worry! We can solve it for you! Just buy the course and send us your invoice and your availability to our email miryam.ferris@gmail.com. We will contact you with a new date proposal that will suit you.


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What will I learn in this course?

The most important is the INITIATION INTO THE SYSTEM Reiki Cristal Arco Iris® (Rainbow Crystal Reiki). Everyone has to be initiated to be able to use it. Once the initiation is done we will learn how to perform Reiki Cristal Arco Iris® (Rainbow Crystal Reiki) to:


You will learn how to cleanse energetically places.


You will also learn how to perform a Reiki Cristal Arco Iris® (Rainbow Crystal Reiki) session to yourself.


You will study how to perform a session to other people.​


Reiki Cristal Arco Iris® (Rainbow Crystal Reiki) will do flow your projects and events.


Mission alignment

The Reiki Cristal Arco Iris® (Rainbow Crystal Reiki) aligns us with our life mission (with the Earth and all beings living on her)

Open Paths

Reiki Cristal Arco Iris® open paths in our life that we never expected before. As it aligns with all paths that our Being decided to take in this life mission.

Gifts and Virtues

It activates both, gifts and virtues from within. This allowes us to bright our inner light again.

Quantum Healing

The healing is immediate, quick and deep.

Easy to learn

It is so simple than even the children can learn it.

No side effects

Even though the healing is deep, we do not feel discomfort as we are exposed to unconditional love.

Heal others

You will learn how to heal others and yourself with this wonderful technique straight away.

Healing remains in time

This tool provides mechanisms to prolongue the healing along time.

Reiki Cristal Arco Iris® (Rainbow Crystal Reiki) is known in several Spanish speaking countries…

Let's spread it to the World!


Overall, Rainbow Crystal Reiki has helped me to feel the love that I am and to realize the masks that I used to cover it up.
In my personal live, it is helping me to believe in my gifts, to show them and to empower them from love and compassion. To improve family relationships, with my partner and my children. To believe in myself and what I do every day.
Thank you Miryam for being an example and guide with so much love and peace. I have a lot to learn from you
Reiki Cristal Arco Iris® (Rainbow Crystal Reiki) Testimonial - Isabea Rodriguez
Isabea Rodriguez
I have had a very successful experience with Crystal Rainbow Reiki. Its energy is clean, powerful, and fast. I have been able to heal mine and other's physical pains. You don’t need other's permission, you just send it and energy will arrive at them. I can feel Lemurian energy in my body every time I practice it. Also, I can integrate beliefs and heal my inner girl. I can clean my home every time I feel so. I used to practice Usui Reiki and I still love it, but Rainbow Crystal Reiki is faster and easier to practice. You can use it everywhere you are and every time you need to. In fact, I fell I can use the energies that I need.
Reiki Cristal Arco Iris® (Rainbow Crystal Reiki) Testimonial - Loles Herrero
Loles Herrero
Reiki Cristal Arco Iris® allowed me to feel love for the first time. It helped me to open my heart and do not be scared to feel love.
It is a very simple tool, quick and intuivitive. It seems incredible to have something as simple and powerful in our hands.
Finally, Miryam's touch is the best, as she tends to simply all what she explains. She is a very close person and she is also very professional. You can feel that she enjoys helping people with her sessions and courses, as she does everything with deep love.
Reiki Cristal Arco Iris® (Rainbow Crystal Reiki) Testimonial - Silvia Alonso
Silvia Alonso


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Be ready to experience incredible presents from the Universe...

When I studied Reiki Cristal Arco Iris® (Rainbow Crystal Reiki)

never expected all the changes for the better that my life was going to take.
You do not only start to discover who you truly are, but it also helps you in your awakening process, and you do not feel alone anymore (because the Lemurians are there always for you).
My gratitude for the Reiki Cristal Arco Iris® (Rainbow Crystal Reiki) did that I was the one chosen to translate the Spanish material into English. So now, you also can experience the incredible changes that this tool will join bring to your life.


Most frequent questions and answers

Absolutely. Reiki Cristal Arco Iris® (Rainbow Crystal Reiki) heals with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, so it cannot harm anyone.

No. This Reiki does not have a dress code.

None. To study and experience Reiki Cristal Arco Iris® (Rainbow Crystal Reiki) you only need to open your heart to the healing. 

This tool can be used by people of all ages.

The healing is guided by our intention, and it is very quick. As soon as we think about what to heal, it is already taking place.
In this healing, we are the viewer, who witnesses the healing. We just need to direct energy and watch…

Of course, they are. You can feel them near you. They assist us at any time and guide us to extract the best benefits in every healing session.

Sessions are quick and deep, as the energy is intelligent and goes directly to the root cause. So one session can last between 10 and 15 minutes.