Our Sessions

Heal inside to see changes outside

All our sessions are online

We hold all our sessions online. See you in the comfort of our home by videoconference.

Energy is wise and goes where it is needed. In these sessions, there is no separation of space, since our spaces come together in unconditional love.

Akashic Records or Life Book sessions with Miryam Ferris

Akashic Records Sessions

The Akashic Records can help you understand why a situation is occurring in your life and also help you heal and resolve it.

Reiki Cristal Arco Iris® (Rainbow Crystal Reiki) sessions with Miryam Ferris

Reiki Cristal Arco Iris® Healings

The Reiki Crystal Arco Iris® is unconditional love energy passing through us. Therefore, it harmonizes our interior, releases blockages and aligns us with our mission in life. Connecting us with our star origin and with the present, with Mother Earth.

Akashic Records or Life Book session with Miryam Ferris

Tameana Sessions

Tameana’s sessions help you open inner barriers, aligning you with your inner Self so that it opens up upon awakening. All this is achieved thanks to the sound, the quartz and the work that Pleiadians do with us in each of these deep healing sessions.