Why do we access from the heart?

Only your heart is able to MAKE YOU FEEL the information coming from the Akashic Records

Access the Records from the heart allows healing and integration in love

It allows the HEALING and integration.

Accepting our darkness and expanding our inner LOVE

FEELING THE INFORMATION received, we ensure that it comes from the Akashic Records, instead of the mind.

This gives us SECURITY, disappearing all our doubts in our Akashic Records connection.

Accessing the Records from the heart allows you to FEEL the information received, making you feel SURE that the information you receive is correct
After accessing the Akashic Records you feel a great expansion of love in your heart

The access to the Akashic Records is SACRED.

You feel  LOVE EXPANSION  in every HEALING. 

Our HEART is our inner GPS. It GUIDES US towards the best path we can take at any time. It is also the organ where we feel the CONNECTION WITH OUR SOUL.

Our mind does not remember our past lives, but it does remember  OUR SOUL, as she keeps our Akashic Records inside.

Acces it from our heart is the purest form: no intermediaries, no remote connections… JUST ME CONNECTING WITH MY INNER INFORMATION, the one that my SOUL keeps for my greater good.

you might wonder if…

Is the Akashic Records library real?

Akashic Records Library

Everything outside of us is also inside. Therefore, the Akashic Records are found both in a large library somewhere on the outside…and inside you.

The question we should perhaps ask ourselves is… why go eons from here, if that information is already here, in me?

Going aeons from here, you can get interference on your channel, information that is not really of Light.

Insecurity in reading Akashic Records

If I already know how to read records, can I learn to read them from the heart?

Of course you do! We all know how to access the Akashic Records from the heart, we just have to remember it.

In fact, you already do it, but in an unconscious way. Has it ever happened to you, to meet someone for the first time in this life, and feel that you already knew them before? Where do you think that information comes from?


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