How to ask the Akashic Records


Explain why you're asking that question

It is important for the Akashic Record reader to understand why that question is important to you and how long this situation has existed in your life.

If you don't know what to ask

Review the problems you currently have in your life and would like to solve. You can also ask about situations that repeat and still persist.

How do I ask?

Usually we will ask your Records: why is this happening in your life, if there is something you need to learn and we will also ask them to heal it from the root.

May I ask about the future?

How to ask to the Akashic Records is important, but it is also remarcable to know what you should ask about or not.

If you need to ask about your future, we recommend that you consult the tarot instead of the Akashic Records.

Every step we take in life, possible futures are created and erased. The Akashic Records may give you some guidance but they will never decide for you, much less tell you what will happen in an uncertain future. In an Akashic Record session only situations that are destined for us come up and will happen to us for sure.



Sometimes we are distressed not to know the reason why we are here.

Cosmic origin

We can feel the need to know where we come from

Past lives

The release of past lives is something that usually comes out in Records

Personal relationships

Interaction with others is often essential in our lives

Sentimental life

This is usually one of our mainstays in life. It is vital to understand why certain things happened.


Our pets can be a cause for concern, you can also ask about them


Phobias or fears that seem unexplainable have their explanation in your Akashic Records


Understand why we live in scarcity and open ourselves to abundance.

Studies or Work

If you're lost and don't know where you should go.


We walk the spiritual path blindly, sometimes we need a guide.


Understand why we repeat the same experience or situation over and over again.


Sometimes dreams reveal keys to our existence.


Ask why we have a health problem is very common.


There are times when we worry about things related to some property.


Knowing why something inside my business doesn't flow.

how to ask the Akashic Records or book of life

Examples of Questions

– Why did I come here?

– What is the main purpose of my life?

– Do I have something important to forgive or integrate from a past life?

– Why do I feel attacked by people?

– Why can’t I stand (name of person)?

– Why can’t (name of person) stand me?

– Do I know (name of person) from other lives?

– Release any vows, promises, covenants or oaths I have

– Why did (name of person) die so soon?

– Why do we have to die?

– How can I get over the death of a loved one?

– How can I improve my wealth?

– What blocks my abundance?

– Why do I always dream about (something)?

– Why did I dream (something) long ago?

– What planet do I come from?

– Who is my cosmic family?

– Have I met (pet name) in another life?

– Does (pet name) have a message for me?

– Why did (pet name) run away and I can’t find her?

– Why does (pet name) have the disease (disease name)?

– Why does it repeat (something) in my life?

– Is there a stable partner planned for me?

– What do I have to learn to love in my life?

– How can I expand my inner love?

– Why do I get on badly with (name of the person) and what can I do to improve it?

– Why does it bother me that (name of the other person) does (something)?

– Why do I feel like I know (name of other person) from before?

– How can I help (name of other person)?

– I have pain in (something). How can I heal it?

– Why do I have difficulty getting pregnant?

– What do I need to get better spiritually?

– How can I overcome (something)?

– How can I unblock (something)?

– What should I understand about this situation?

– What has happened to me (something) that I need to integrate so that it stops happening?

– What should I do in life?

– Why do I feel sad at my job?

– Should I continue to oppose it?

– Why am I panicking about (something)?

– What can I do to stop being afraid of (something)?


How to ask the Akashic Records is just a guide, but you can ask anything you feel you need to either solve or explain why something has happened to you.

Sometimes only with an explanation we already heal, because we understand the background of the situation and that is enough… while on other occasions it is necessary to heal the blockage.

Ask about situations that are beyond you in the present, those problems that you cannot solve and you do not understand why they happen to you.

Finally, it should be noted that asking about the future is not recommended because every action we take in our lives opens and closes new possible futures. The Akashic Records will only refer to some future event in your life that you are destined to live and that will happen… But if you ask for something that is not yet defined, they will tell you the possible paths you can take and the probability that each one will happen. They do not usually decide for you, since you have come to experience and it is they who have the last word on every action you take in your life.